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Handy Healthy Yummy!

ONIGILLY [Oh-KNEE-Ghee-Lee] serves traditional Japanese rice balls made with partially milled brown rice and savory fillings wrapped in seaweed.


What is Onigilly?

Journey back in time with us—over 1,000 years!—to the days of the traditional Samurai warrior. These fighters had to travel great distances for each stage of battle, which required plenty of nourishment to say the least. And what did they choose to bring along? Onigiri: a portable, pressed rice ball containing a special filling. Throughout the years, this staple of Japanese sustenance has become a wildly popular everyday street food. Fresh, delicious and healthy, it is consumed by millions daily, in a wide variety of tasty fillings.

Onigilly is our modern twist on this Japanese cultural food icon. Our goal is to introduce Onigilly all across North America to broaden the customer experience beyond sushi… one delicious bite at a time. We use only nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients, and each Onigilly is always made fresh to order.


Past. Present. Future.



We offer over 30 varieties of ONIGILLY, featuring traditional Japanese fillings such as Ume, Salmon as well as American fusion options. like Teriyaki Chicken. Our unique raw fish Onigilly is ideal for sushi enthusiasts who prefer convenience. Additionally, we provide a range of side dishes and customizable bowls to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements.


Haiga rice, a partially milled grain retaining the nutrient-rich germ, offers the health benefits of brown rice with the palatability of white rice, making it ONIGILLY's choice for balancing nutrition with taste in its offerings.